DevOps engineer

This is a full-time 100% remote position, and we would prefer somebody located and working from the IST time-zone since a majority of the team is located in that part of the world.

Full-time 100% remote position


We are searching for a decisive and insightful DevOps engineer to join our reputable company. The DevOps engineer will be involved in various stages of each product's lifespan and should remain abreast of technological advancements to promote efficiency. You should also keep track of customer reviews to enhance marketability. 

To ensure success as a DevOps engineer, you should ensure that all outputs remain safe for public consumption. Ultimately, a top-notch DevOps engineer will demonstrate excellent leadership skills and the capacity to mentor junior staff. 


Collaborating with coworkers to conceptualize, develop, and release software.

Conducting quality assurance to ensure that the software meets prescribed guidelines.

Rolling out fixes and upgrades to software, as needed.

Securing software to prevent security breaches and other vulnerabilities.

Collecting and reviewing customers' feedback to enhance user experience.

Suggesting alterations to workflow to improve efficiency and success.

Pitching ideas for projects based on gaps in the market and technological advancements.


Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or an adjacent field.

Prior experience at all phases of the software product life cycle, from conception to extinction.

Experience using an array of automation tools.

Familiarity with software security methods.

Demonstrated experience using a wide variety of coding languages.

Curious, discerning envelope pusher.

Top-notch decision-making and collaborative abilities.

Customer-oriented with the ability to receive and use constructive criticism.

 Attention to detail.


Remote job

Talented international candidates

Entry Level Recruitment

Great Exposure

Top-Demanding Solutions

MiDS Corporation is a leading frontline company in information and technology on a mission to be the preferred choice in web development, Enterprise, and Mobile Domain. We have set ourselves apart from our counterparts by offering the most current and high-level end-to-end development and testing solutions, giving our client value for money. We provide end-to-end solutions from conceptualization to deployment, quality assurance, and maintenance, and push beyond limits to ensure faster turnarounds. Together with our innovative teams, we are working on some interesting products in the areas of marketplace, sharing economy, ecommerce, and social media.

Headquartered in Virginia USA, MIDS is a 100% remote driven company operating in 4 continents with team-members distributed globally. MIDS is currently in the advanced stages of developing two software platforms. The 30+ people in the team consists of various developers, a Scrum Manager and Product Owners. Our team and the scope of our development efforts have considerably expanded over the past few weeks, and we therefore require more support on the development side. 

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