We specialize in the following industries

We are IT experts in many sectors whether you own a medium-sized accounting firm or run a manufacturing firm, we know your business! The future of all industries is becoming more digitally driven, scalable, accessible, and competitive than ever. 

Our primary mission is to make your organization and operations future-ready. In short, we are equipping you to thrive in a much more dynamic future. 

Banking and financiаl

MiDS team of experts has the capability to deliver the future, today.

Whether you need to transform a mobile banking experience into a social one, modernize core banking operations, or reinvent credit and payment methods, our MIDS banking and finance consulting services provide the right IT tools as well as data-driven consultation/insight to help you run your business smoothly in this new digital landscape.



Digital transformation is taking place in the Insurance sector. Life insurers and P&C are redefining their business and operating models while positioning themselves for growth. 

MIDS Insurance IT consultation services will assist you with AI, transformative technologies like the Cloud, and other IT support for P&C insurers, life carriers, and reinsurers.

Our IT services improve core operations and keep your organization relevant to your customers, with agility and security in the face of cyber threats.


Elearning and education

E-Learning is a thriving business. MIDS works with public, private, and social institutions to apply innovative digital tools to revolutionize teaching and learning both inside and outside the classroom.

We assist these organizations in consulting, designing and implementing digital strategies.

We are experts at strengthening teaching skills and research, so we can reduce operating costs, and improve graduation rates.


Healthcare and telemedicine

MIDS has years of experience serving the healthcare industry.

We understand your essential and unique technical requirements and the issues you face on a daily basis.

From providing insightful consultation to implementation and management, you can be assured that your private data and client information, and your health organization are protected with MIDS.



MIDS offers unparalleled IT consultation, implementation, and management for manufacturers.

Many manufacturers have a nimble but small team of IT professionals maintaining their technology that keeps their business going.

But what happens when an IT staffer takes a holiday or a major disruption occurs that your staff cannot handle like a corporate email system malfunction? Our MIDS team will apply our expertise to protect your business.


Media and entertainment

In this disrupted and tech-savvy world, communications and media companies are thinking about new and smarter ways to reach their audiences.

That is why technology management and implementation is so crucial to their success. MIDS media experts help companies move to data-driven, experience-led, and open source platforms, so they can become unstoppable providers of next-generation media that integrate customer experiences.


Retail and ecommerce

Every retailer and web seller needs to reduce costs while increasing customer service. Competition is stiff.

The retail experts at MIDS will show you how to replace your old paper-based processes with automated and digital solutions.

Retail business managers understand the need to pivot toward smart technologies that create a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.


Public services

MIDS has years of experience providing IT support for non-profit organizations. We know that non-profit organizations rely on their technology.

We also know money can be tight so we are always seeking potential cost savings in hardware and software acquisitions.

We also work through our IT partnerships to find and take advantage of the many donation and discount programs available to non-profit organizations.


IT social impact

MIDS IT experts enjoy helping others do good work. We are committed to helping organizations in this sector; employ state of the art technology to make a social impact in education, finance, design, health, and more.

MIDS experts and IT solutions provide a full range of services from; measuring social impact, to measuring performance, processes, and the success of your global development projects.



It’s no secret that the telecom industry is struggling with change and facing disruption. It understands that new and smart technologies are crucial in helping their businesses stay competitive.

MIDS Communication experts are helping telecommunication providers with IT infrastructure that includes; connecting the IOT, cloud computing, 5G Wireless, and Integration with Content.

We are helping telecommunication companies be ready for the future, now.



The Transportation sector is experiencing higher customer expectations that only transformative technology can provide.

 MIDS are IT transportation sector experts and are assisting shippers, trucking companies, etc to provide reasonable and reliable services.

These services translate to superior product and performance. Innovation is key and MIDS has the tech solutions to keep transportation businesses competitive.


Travel and hospitality

New digital technologies are changing travel patterns and tech-driven guest experiences with innovative product types in the new travel ecosystem At MIDS, our years of global experience supporting leading Travel and Hospitality companies gives us a unique digital perspective about what’s best for your business.

When dealing with consumers, customer service is king, and technology expertise is needed to guarantee it.