Big Data & Analytics

Big data analytics provides businesses, large and small, the opportunity to locate and analyze massive amounts of data in order to uncover insights that will help their organization stay competitive and agile. With robust big data and analytics, organizations can realize added value through automation and business optimization. 

The expert team at MIDS provides cutting edge Big Data & Analytics platforms and technologies. We can both execute prototypes and scale the solutions that work – to get you to value faster.


At MIDS we deliver actionable solutions, not just consultation. We understand there is not a one-size fit all solution to every challenge. At the foundation of our services are a solution based culture and a team of great technical talent – data scientists and expert engineers with in-depth expertise across a broad variety of tools and technologies.

At the same time, we are able to solve problems quickly. We have the experience to identify the right technology and the technical expertise to build, integrate and scale it to deliver an end-to-end solution to your business challenge. 

Product Design & Engineering 

Superior product design and engineering is an integral part of any organization’s well being. At MIDS, we encourage large-scale collaboration across the entire organization, with emphasis on customer solutions, product development, and innovation.

MIDS team of project designers and engineer experts are proficient in every industry and are geared to help businesses reduce operational costs while driving growth.

First, we consult with our clients and bring a rigorous approach to design and engineering. Our diagnostic tools are the best in the business. We have the capacity to help define the criteria needed to guide the design process. After this consultation, we implement the design and engineering of the products to realize value. Our unique agile and scalable approach helps our clients quickly realize the economic value of their products. 


System Integration Consulting

Today’s marketplace is full of informed customers, changing market dynamics, and the ever-increasing importance of technology. 

Without a truly integrated system of communication platforms, enterprise modules, and sophisticated applications, organizations are finding themselves unable to respond to potential market opportunities. 


We understand the challenges you are facing from:

  • A scattered workflow because of the diverse products being used for a single project.
  • Integration of multiple IT systems that belong to various departments, locations, and stages of projects.
  • Multiple systems that hamper an organization's decision making because the systems are not integrated and thus ineffective and confusing,
  • Implementing a cohesive IT infrastructure where experts performing varied tasks can co-exist at the same time.
  • Maintaining and monitoring unified access to business data from different departments, sectors or databases.

With so many different functionalities, from product design to delivery, it is essential that an organization has a fully operational and effective integration solution.

The experts at MIDS have analyzed the importance of integrated systems in businesses large and small. We have developed and maintained superior IT infrastructure by connecting hardware and software products from a myriad of vendors. 

Social Media Marketing

MIDS is a full-service social media digital agency. Our social media experts help you identify your target audience, establish your business objectives, create persuasive and powerful content and then integrate it all into a successful social media campaign

We create Social Media marketing strategies that are custom designed for your brand. We manage all your social programs, blogger outreach, lead generation (content planning) and video distribution, etc. These services are all geared to attract new clients and increase your profitability. 


MIDS Social Media services help you connect and share information and broaden your brand’s horizon. With a comprehensive Social Media Advertising campaign you will have access to the number of shares, followers, tweets, comments, and likes received from the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Our services include:

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Social Media Content
  • Social Media Management
  • Setup & Custom Profile Design 


Is your company digitizing its data? Or is your business like so many, still struggling with your digital transformation?

This new era of technology has been reshaping our daily life, ridding us of outdated and time-consuming processes, as well as creating entirely new business sectors.

Thanks to digitization, data is quickly accessible across various devices, platforms, and interfaces. Right now, digitalization is helping us integrate all this digitized data and digitalized applications. 


Let’s look at examples of how MIDS can help your business become digitized.

  • Artificial Intelligence- Using artificial intelligence, calculating a customer’s location is so much easier and faster.
  • Augmented Reality tools: these include- video tutorials, manuals and experts at the ready to attend to your clients and customers.
  • Crowdsourcing: One of the most popular and widespread applications of business digitalization has been the sharing economy, where the boundaries for purchasing and communicating are becoming less and less confining.

These new digital transformation innovations are revolutionizing industries across the globe. MIDS experts can help your organization navigate the new wild west and make your digitization stress-free and painless, assuring you huge savings and ROI. 

Managed Services

Keeping a business’s IT infrastructure protected and running smoothly demands regular attention and a highly skilled staff person to monitor it. 

If you are overwhelmed by ever-changing business demands as well as the ability to retain qualified IT talent, then MIDS Managed Service is perfect for you.


MIDS Managed IT Services include:

  • One company, one plan, and one monthly bill for all your IT support.
  • 24/7 Help Desk IT support available by phone, email, or online, to help with all IT issues.
  • Preventative monitoring and maintenance to stop most IT issues
  • Network administration and computer support
  • IT security services, keeping your network safe and secure
  • Business Continuity Solutions, Backup and Recovery
  • Regular strategy sessions with your own virtual Chief Information Officer so adjustments are made when needed.
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Patch updates
  • Remote support for issue resolution
  • Reporting for capacity planning

These services are what make MIDS Managed IT Services a great solution for your IT needs.
An IT managed service provider like MIDS will give you relief from boring yet stressful tech tasks, so you can concentrate on strategic initiatives that will differentiate you from your competition. 


For many businesses, thriving in this digital environment depends on transforming your organization into a more agile workforce and workflow. Those making the transition successfully are achieving substantially improved performance, profitability, enhanced growth, 100% customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

MIDS provides dedicated Agile Development Teams who are experienced in a wide range of technologies. 


The MIDS Difference:

  • Get access to the highest level International tech talent
  • Personally interview and approve each member of your Agile/Scrum team
  • Save on hardware, software, support staff and office space for your Agile developers
  • Decrease your labor costs by up to 55%

Plus the experts at MIDS will:
  • Provide Agile Consulting to help your team become more efficient and deliver great results faster
  • Advise you on project management best practices
  • Help you build effective relationships with your distributed Agile team
  • Take care of payroll, taxes, and HR for your Agile developers
  • Make sure your Agile software development team is happy 

Staff Augmentation 

Staff augmentation is certainly becoming the most popular phrase in the IT job marketplace characterized by raging competition for highly skilled IT staff. With MIDS, as your staff augmentation provider, you will be able to hire top-notch IT professionals for specific projects without the costs of hiring full-time employees.

MIDS will help you add skilled technical assets to your in-house development team on a long or short-term basis, without the costs and liability of making a full-time hire. The benefits are many.

  • Less downtime because of the lack of skilled IT staff
  • Spending less vital time and energy on recruitment and hiring
  • No more projects being late or over budget because of the lack of skilled talent
  • No extra taxes and insurance expenses
  • Skilled talent when you need it 

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