Our Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

The MIDS team of AI experts will help you eliminate the areas of your business where there is friction; by providing scalable architectures that create new ways to nurture and protect your data. AI by MIDS is a constellation of technologies—from natural language processing to machine learning. These technologies will allow your machines to comprehend, sense, learn and act.


With MIDS Cloud support and services, you will have access to our full spectrum of enterprise, analytics, and digital cloud technologies. From communication to network management, whether your business is initializing total cloud migration or just needing data backups, we design and manage your cloud infrastructure to accelerate your company’s digital transformation and financial success.

Cyber Security

Whether you need a proactive defense system against cyber criminals or want us to run your entire security operation, our team of experts will help you build cyber resilience against the unknown and common cybersecurity challenges faced in today’s environment.
With a cybersecurity solution custom built for your organization, you can be assured that your data and IT infrastructure is protected at every stage of the security lifecycle.

Internet of Things

At MIDS, we believe that linking devices, people and services is the key to keeping a business competitive and effective. From smartphones to medical sensors, inter-connected devices collect data that reduces waste for companies and consumers. The Internet of Things is the way of the future and MIDS expertise will help you transform your business, and open up real opportunities for economic growth and competitiveness.


MIDS blockchain experts strive to be at the forefront of blockchain innovation and its practical, real world application. We provide our clients with a comprehensive assessment of the blockchain-based technology landscape and its potential business implications for your specific business. There is no cookie cutter approach, as we treat every client differently to help build smart strategies around productive implementation and investment.

Technology partners


The team at MIDS are experts at creating value for our clients with Microsoft technologies. From digital transformation, robust technology services, cloud management, and superior business applications, we deliver game-changing solutions to our clients, with the power of Microsoft. Microsoft says there are now 1.2 billion users worldwide that use some kind of Office product or service.​


MIDS tech experts will help you win now and in the future, synchronizing growth and innovation to integrate the intelligent enterprise systems with Oracle solutions. MIDS Oracle offerings function across many levels, from strategy to managed services, aligning with private, public, and on-premise clouds. MIDS is a Global Cloud Elite and Platinum member of the Oracle Partner Network, and certified as an Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer.


MIDS experts help you integrate the value of your SAP application solutions. SAP is delivering to today’s major companies optimal digital transformation with a variety of SAP products and tools. As a business partner to SAP, we provide end-to-end solutions from development, product innovation, and delivery. SAP serves 425000 customers in 180 countries. SAP is a leader in Enterprise application, Software Analytics and Business Intelligence.


MIDS Salesforce experts are ready to help you achieve maximum business value out of your Salesforce portfolio. Our Salesforce experts have a deep industry knowledge, understand delivery capabilities and possess true technical expertise. MIDS is Master Certified by Salesforce and has a strategic alliance partnership. Together we are maximizing the benefits of Salesforce technology, for businesses large and small.


IBM is one of the largest and oldest IT firms in the world. It offers a vast array of consulting and technology products and services; with a portfolio of predictive analytics, middleware for collaboration, software development and systems management; and the world's most advanced servers and supercomputers. The MIDS team are IBM experts and can help you navigate its wide range of services and products.


Delivered by MIDS, Amazon Web Services is a premier on-demand cloud platform, which encompasses a wide range of enterprise-level services. Amazon Web Services support virtually millions of customers in 190 countries. The team at MIDS understands its growing importance and our experts are up to date and knowledgeable about how to make AWS truly cost effective and productive for your business, no matter its size or industry.


G Suite by Google Cloud (formerly Google Apps) is a cloud-based productivity and collaboration suite that gives you everything you need to help you and your colleagues work from anywhere, on any device. At MIDS, we offer managed cloud services that include installation, upgrades, licensing and maintenance so that your G Suite management needs are addressed where and when you need them.


VMware Professional Services delivered by MIDS helps you automate and simplify your businesses operations with smart management across virtual, physical, and cloud environments. The MIDS team are experts at providing VMware Services that
transform your capabilities in regards to managing your IT infrastructure security, network operations, systems and policies.


Convertigo is one of the most sophisticated Open Source Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) and Mobile backend as a Service (mBaaS) for enterprise level businesses.
The MIDS team are experts at understanding all of its components that develop and run cross-platform mobile enterprise applications connected to your businesses front and back-end business applications.


CA Technologies are the leaders in digital transformation. That is why MIDS can support and help our clients who rely on CA technology. We understand transforming all aspects of your business is not easy but with CA delivered by MIDS, and their advanced analytics, agile management and AIOps, we can provide the expertise and confidence needed to ease the transformation.


The team at MIDS are Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) which means we know Adobe products inside and out and are ready to put our expertise to use for your business. Adobe business solutions are varied and multifaceted, from; creative and design to marketing and commerce to digital learning solutions. That is why it is essential for businesses large and small to have expert Adobe support as a part of your IT team.

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